This year, Lent begins on Wed 1 March.

To mark the beginning of Lent we’ll be holding three Ash Wednesday services across our family of churches – hopefully there will be time to suit you!

18:00Hanley Castle
19:30Earls’ Croome



We’re also going to be running two lent courses this year, one on a Monday morning and the other on a Monday lunchtime.

The Monday morning course will run at 10am, in Naunton, at the home of Richard Rand (see the calendar for details.)

The Monday lunchtime course will run at 12:30pm in Welland, at the home of Linda Bedford (again see calendar for details). Linda will provide lunch as part of this.

Each session will be exploring big topics of life, what we truly value about it, and how happiness can ultimately be found.


  • Session 1 The Good God
  • Session 2 The Trustworthy God
  • Session 3 The Generous God
  • Session 4 The Liberating God
  • Session 5 The Fulfilling God
  • Session 6 The Life-Giving God
  • Session 7 The Joyful God

To enable us to squeeze a 7-part course into the six weeks of Lent, we’ll probably run session 7 on Tuesday 11 April (details to be confirmed).

For a taster of the materials we’ll be using, click the video link here:

Got a big question about God?