We’ve lots going on for children.


On a Sunday:

We aim to provide children’s work somewhere across our family of churches every Sunday during school term time.

On the First Sunday of the month, we have our all-age “Breakfast Church” service at Upton Parish Church, (from 9:30am). There’ll be bacon sandwiches, XBOX and Mario Karts, a bouncy castle, great refreshments, and a short, simple service that the whole family can enjoy together.

The next two Breakfast Church events happen on:


On the Second and Fourth Sundays of the month during the school term, we hold Kids Church at St James Church, Welland (starts 11am). This is a great chance for children aged 3-11 to enjoy an age-appropriate version of church, with lots of games, fun and friends.


Primary School Age:messy-church-logo-high-res

We run regular Messy Church services in Hanley Castle and Hanley Swan. If you haven’t come across Messy Church before, it’s a fantastic way of being church for families, and involves lots of fun, mess, and creative arts and crafts. It’s open to people of all ages, but younger children will particularly enjoy it. For information about our next Messy Church, click here.

Messy Church @ Hanley Castle


For Primary Age children in yrs 1-6 we run two Friday teatime groups, Girlz Only (for girls) and Base Camp (for boys). The focus is very much on action and excitement with lots of lively games and adventure. The groups combine for an extra big end of term party, usually with a big bouncy castle. Places are limited so it’s worth booking ahead. To find out how, click the link to the relevant group.

Fun on the big bouncy castle at our end of term party.

In Primary Schools:

If you are at Welland Primary School, we run ALLSORTS—an after-school club running on a Monday, where as well as having loads of fun children are taught a useful lesson for life from the Bible.

If you are at Hanley Swan Primary School, we run an after-school club called JAM (short for Jesus and Me).


High School Age:

If you are looking for a youth group in Upton, Upton Baptist Church runs a regular Friday evening group. Contact their office for details.

Events for Young People (nb this list excludes events running in school)


Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals