If you spend any time on social media, reading the comments of what policy-makers like to call “opinion formers”, you will encounter many furrowed brows. There is grave concern about the times in which we live. Our problems apparently stem from ignorant people voting the wrong way on the basis of being misinformed about the facts. They’ve been given “fake news” invented by mud-slinging liars. Or, worse, they’ve looked at true facts and are unmoved or unconvinced. Surely facts should end any debate?

This state of affairs should be no great surprise. We have been living in a society which has been rejecting absolute truth for decades. It began in academia with post-modernism, and so slowly spread to the rest of our culture. Truth with a capital “T” has been undermined for decades. So now when presented with facts, why shouldn’t people shrug or ignore what has been put in front of them?

Moreover, when Truth is demoted or destroyed, what do we expect to emerge other than lies? Our media lies, telling lies about our leaders who in turn lie to the media, sometimes about the media and other things too. It is clear that our nation has never been hungrier for truth.

[This is part of an article by James Cary at www.thegoodbook.co.uk You can read the rest here.]
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